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Finally...it's getting better !

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It's just of an update to 'Crick-O is looking for a team member and some technical help'.

Finally I am able to change the blog design and also overcome a few errors that kept on bugging me. In fact, now I am confused about the changing of the blog design. I have a few ones, and of course, since it is a single blog, I need a single design as well. So I took help of my friends on Facebook and so far the one I didn't think was the best is winning. If you are on facebook, you can add me as a friend too and help me choose one of them.

Anyway, though I am still worried about the team member issue. Either someone has to come forward to help me carry this blog ahead, or one could be seeing only 3-5 posts per month. My passion for writing on this game has taken me till here so far. I don't it to be shattered.

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