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Will we have the IPL this year?

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Aren't we all waiting for the Indian Premier League to kick off. But there's some bad news - probably we won't have the tournament this year. Too much bad for us. You all must be knowing the reason- The 15th General Assembly Elections. We are below 18 and can't vote so it is bad for us. But I've realized that security is a must and there are many reasons for this-

1. States cannot provide adequate security and going ahed with the IPL would mean that we will be risking the lives of our cricketers and millions of cricket fans.

2. Any type of security leak would create an bad image to the world about India. Cricketers would refuse to play cricket in India as of current Pakistan.

3. It wold have an impact on the other sports as well. It might even cost us the prestigious Commonwealth games next year. When no sportsperson would be willing to to come to our nation, how would we host any game.

But there are disadvantages as well. IPL's second season is worth 10,790 crore rupees. It would have been economically well for India during the time of recession. But however I believe that not having the tournament this year would be better. Another thought that occured to me is that can't we shift the election dates, but then I realized that this is immpossible. So we are left with no other choice but to either shorten the IPL or cancel it for this year. Hope the IPL organisers come up with a perfect schedule that would ensure proper security.

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