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End of EA Cricket series?

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Today I was playing Cricket 2007 with the IPL Patch, just to pass my time, and I started wondering why EA has not released any new version of cricket after Cricket 07.

Though EA shouldn’t really end it so early, but to be honest, I feel this is the real end of it. If EA is not going to release EA Cricket 2009, then I am quite sure it has met its end with Cricket 07.

There are a few reasons that I feel might have effected the Cricket series :

1. ICC has taken back the official right from EA for developing and continuing with the Cricket games (seems to be a rumor, but if it is true then the reason behind this is the mistakes that EA has done in the 2007 game(like the names of most of the players were very strange)).

2. Secondly, HB Studios decided not to continue with development of EA Cricket series, so Cricket 07 is perhaps the last cricket game that HB Studios has done with EA.

3. Maybe EA doesn't have enough time to develop a solid Cricket game just like the FIFA series has been doing every year, so they want some more time to make it possible to reach the level of FIFA series. (Remember, EA released a Cricket game after every alternate year other than 2004 and 2005 version coming out continuously.)

Whatever the reason, it is getting unbearable for many cricket fans, like me, to wait for a good cricket game.

As far as I know, there are only 2 cricket games in development : Cricket Life 08 and The Art of Cricket. You may google to find out more about these games.

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