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A Poem on Sachin

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Who said

AnIdle Mind is A Devil's Workshop

A statement which I can prove false. I was sitting idle, so I decided to compose a poem on cricket, wasn't able to do so and wrote one on one of my favourite players- Sachin Tendulkar. Th e poem is not too good, but I believe it is fine as my literature and poetry isn't too good. You might find some useless things, but I had to write something. So please excuse me.

Sachin Tendulkar is my favourite cricketer,
He is also a good wicket- taker.
He runs behind the ball to get his prey,
He seems to get famous day by day.

He is a person whose qualities can't be possessed by anyone,
Out of thousands, he is the only one.
Sachin, casts over everyone a magic spell,
Without him our lives would surely have been hell.

It is hard to believe how easily he sets records for himself,
His opponents are afraid of playing against him, which I've seen myself.
He runs hard and hard to get the 'catch',
The game doesn't get over unless he becomes the "man of the match".

Shanav Kakkar
New Delhi

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