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India Sights Top Rank

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Yes you've heard it right, India might have lost a chance to grab the first place in the ODI's but they don't want to lose their chance to the first place in the highest version- Tests. If Sehwag's blow was not enough, Sri Lanka lost their way in the afternoon session fourth day of the third test at Mumbai. A win here and the Indian side will deservedly go to the top. Though Sangakara is still standing firm at the crease and Sri Lanka trailing only by 60 odd runs, India seem to have complete control of the match. This Indian side is daring and energetic as compared to others. India do deserve the top spot because of their recent performances. This third test will surely make it to the record books, even if India lose, simply because of the various records set in this wonderful test. Test matches are taking place all over the world(India, Australia, New Zealand) and all of them telling us that Test is not dead for sure. Those who have been fortunate enough to see Sehwag's innings would have wondered thet why was Twenty-20 made when we can have much better in the tests. Well going back to our main focus- India V/s Sri Lanka where India have a wonderful chance to clinch the top spot in ICC Test Rankings, India can show the world what is their test team made of. :)

Till then lets hope for the best and India win the match and with that the first spot.

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