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Fast Bowling returns to haunt Ponting

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For the first in his career, Ricky Ponting was forced to retire hurt.
First Ishant and now a budding express speedster Kemar Roach from West Indies...a place better known for tall legendary fast bowlers like Ambrose, Walsh, and many more against whom almost every batsman in this world feared to face them. Last two years while facing the fast bowlers have been horrid for the Punter. Coming from amidst all the hype just like Sharma, Roach was expected to do what he has done to Ponting in WACA...rip the batsman's body parts apart.

While Ishant during his long battle against Ricky fired the ball at a torrid pace and bounce mostly towards the chest and the ass, Roach nearly broke Punter's arm. But during both the encounters, Ponting was left hoping and sometimes in pain at the crease. One must appreciate though for the way he was determined to continue playing despite in pain. BRAVO the blunted Punter!

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