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End Of Times Of The ICL?

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When did you last watch a live Indian Cricket League (ICL) match on your T.V.? At least not in 2009 I'd guess because the last match that the ICL conducted was on November 26, 2008 between ICL World and ICL Pakistani. The latter managed to win the match but their fellow countrymen (The Terrorists) ensured that it was their last win....Or for that matter their last game. A lot has changed since 26/11 for everyone....The Indian Cricket League hasent been exempted either.

All matches of the ICL World Series (Season 2) had been suspended after the attacks, and action still hasen't resumed. Earlier this year, the BCCI offered amnesty to all players who would terminate their ICL contracts and would start playing in the domestic circuit (The Ranji Trophy,etc). Obviously almost all of the nearly 150 agreed and ditched the ICL. Thats not all, Tim May (The CEO of Federation Of International Cricketers' Association) has recently said that the ICL owes millions of dollars in outstanding payments to its players, officials and support staff.

On the other hand, the players who left the League are proving useful for the respective teams they play for. Punjab, for example, which saw a majority of its players leave for the ICL in 2007, has had a remarkable start in the 09-10 Ranji season. Players like Rohan Gavskar and Ekak Ahmed, both of whom played for the Royal Bengal Tigers, have now joined the Kolkata Knight Riders of the lucrative Indian Premier League.

Clearly, with no matches taking place and most players opting out of it, the future of the ICL is a stub. So, the moral of the story is that the next time you wake up early morning from a dream in which you have created a private cricket league that has overthrown the biggest and richest national cricket board on Earth....Trust me, Switch off the lights and fall asleep again.

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