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Whose to blame for it ?

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101.3 McGain to de Villiers, 1 run, clipped off the legs to the long-leg region. 100 up for McGain. This is the worst economy rate in Test history.

Here's a look at his beautiful figures -

Bowlers O M R W Econ

*BE McGain (lbg) 11.0 2 102 0 9.27
(0nb, 0w)


And probably most of you might call this guy an idiot. But honestly, it's not completely his fault. The batsmen are mostly becoming aggressive and they do target a particular bowler even in test cricket. Though I haven't seen a single ball being bowled in this game, but from my experience I would say that even the hitting standards are increasing match by match. Now, if you have a look at previous test encounters around 2002, the average run rate of a strong batting team like South Africa would be around 2.50-3.80. But now teams try to score at a brisk pace of at least 4 runs per over. Secondly, how can we forget that it McGain's first game.

What are your opinions on bowlers giving a century of runs ?

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