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IPL on African soil

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Finally, the suspense is over. We will be having the IPL in South Africa but the only change is that the tournament is postponed by one week. Though the league is no more Indian Premier league and has become International Premier League, we will continue to enjoy all the matches on TV. The timings have been set as such so that the matches are broadcasted at 4 pm and 8 pm IST.
Many people are saying that the IPL has lost its Indian flavour. Yes, I feel so. But the IPL organisers and the BCCI will look forward to expand their fan following globally along with the franchises. The season one last year saw a good television viewership in South Africa. Moreover the Africans have given a good response to the longer version, so expect them to fill the stadiums. We will be witnessing the action on TV and as if me and my friends (Satya and Rishabh) would have gone to the stadiums to watch the matches. Well the matches had already been moved out of Delhi and now out of India.
IPL Chairman, Lalit Modi blames the weather conditions as the key factor, but there would surely been some econmic factors as well which have worked in the favour of South Africa.
Some people also say that this shifting would create a bad image of India in front of the world as of Pakistan. But I disagree with this, because any security lapse could have created this image and this shift has much of positives rather than negatives like-

  • Incresing global fan following.
  • Helps in giving domestic players an international exposure.
  • Assuring total safety of players.

Sponsers also wouldn't have problems, because most sponsers are multi-national brands and wouldn't have much problems as they have markets in South Africa as well like- Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mastercard, Nokia and many more.

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