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Bodyline tactics ?

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24.5 Johnson to Kallis, no run, do we have another injury here, not a pretty sight! Short on middle, struck Kallis on the jaw from under the helmet, he's in pain and is bleeding, the physio is out and it may take some time before he's back on his feet. Lethal delivery that.

2.1 Johnson to Smith, 1 run, ripper, banged in short at 150.9 kmph, raps him hard on the gloves and lobs in the direction of square leg, superb bowling

Are we going to see another Bodyline series with this time Australia on the giving end ? Anyway, the Proteas seem to have lost their way with the day 2 ending completely under Australia's control.

Who do you say ? Have the Aussies shown that they are still the best or does it still require some more time to prove it ?

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Samir Chopra said...
March 8, 2009 at 10:40 AM  

Rishabh: Thanks for the comment on my blog. I missed most of this action today as I had to work but I'll catch up with the highlights. It certainly seems like a fiery day's cricket. The Aussies seem like they are well and truly back. (I never thought they had fallen as far as people suggested)

Rishabh said...
March 8, 2009 at 10:45 AM  

well samir...

the match was itself a highlight. right from ball one the Indian batsmen were after the bowlers. Was a bit disappointing to see Viru go early, but Tendulkar made up my day. I wonder that the match braodcasters-Set Max would have to cut many of the boundaries and sixes from their highlight package to pack the highlight package within one hour.

But surely...one of the most entertaining game so far.

cheers :)

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