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Dirty Politics and terrorism contaminating Indo-Pak relations

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This is becoming a serious issue now. Recently Pakistan Government barred its players to play in the IPL this season. The reason ? Security concerns!

Now after the IPL, Pakistan is most likely going to rule out it's players from Indian Cricket League as well. Before this the Indian government did not permit Indian cricket team to tour Pakistan earlier this year in January. Seems like Pakistan is just giving it back to it's neighbors.

And all this is started ever since 26/11 Mumbai attacks. This tit for tat game is not only being played in cricket or any other sport, but in perhaps each and every small source of entertainment such as music, competitions and the list goes on.

Nobody would like a war at this stage as it could be devastating for both the nations. One can only hope for the improvisation of the relationship between both the countries but if it goes down, it will only open gate and that is surely gonna be war.

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nestaquin said...
February 8, 2009 at 9:42 AM  

There are many forms of warfare and it seems to my eyes that the cold war is escalating.

I think it is a gross over reaction to ban cricketers for surely someone like Sohail Tanvir (The Royals are my team) shouldn't be punished for someone elses crimes. That is a terrible injustice and regrettably an opportunity for healing lost.

Last year the IPL is a wonderful platform for friendship and fraternity as we saw from the first game where Ponting and Ishant were hugging like brothers to the final where Smith and Warne had there arms around each other smiling like Cheshire cats.

Cricket has the power to heal some wounds and your post has inspired me to investigate and consider this matter further.

Anonymous said...
February 8, 2009 at 10:16 AM  

well thanks nestaquin. But honestly, it's very disappointing to see all this happening.

I still remember India's tour of Pakistan in 2004 which was also India's first to Pakistan after 15 years. After that tour the relationship between players from both the teams started improving a lot tour by tour, only to brought to this conclusion that governments disallowing their players to tour to their neighbour's.

Now that nothing can be done about IPL season 2, I hope things will improve and I would like to see Pakistani players in IPL 3.

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