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Twenty20 game on Facebook -The Review

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Thinking of getting bored fears me a lot. After searching very hard for a cricket mmorpg, it seemed I wouldn't find it in near future. But finally I have managed to find one. You can't actually call it Role playing game. But it is good enough to be called a MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game), since it is a multiplayer management game.

So you must be thinking "What is it all about ?". Right ? Get all your friends along on Facebook (Yeah ! That can be counted as a disadvantage, since those aren't on facebook have to go through the trouble of making an account and invite friends). Then click on this link - Twenty20 cricket.
Before starting the game, I would recommend that you first read their Help/FAQ page, so that get to know all the rules and various other things, like how to train your players, buying your own stadium and a lot more.

Once your journey kicks off, you can invite your friends to join this T20 extravaganza. And later you can play against their team as well. Meanwhile, you can challenge other teams and their owners to gain more Money and Training Points (to train your players, after all practice makes you perfect) !

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