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India win the Chennai Thriller

If I had to write the summary of the first four days (excluding the last session of the fourth day) of this first match between India and England, all I would have said is that it is a a repeat telecast of what we saw in the second test match between India and Australia at Mohali. But this time India were on the receiving end. But if one would see the whole test match, who would have said that India were ever in a bad position ? India were successfully able to chase the massive target of 387 runs courtesy Sehwag, Tendulkar and Yuvraj. One could say it was England's bad luck, but some of our experts have slammed their defensive approach towards the game. And it would definitely agree to the point that they were quite slow. Had in their second innings they would have scored more runs, and more quickly, it could have given them a chance to bowl out India.

In spite of Andrew Strauss scoring centuries in both the innings, England were not able to do anything. From England's perspective, would have been good to see is Collingwood back in form.

During India's tour of Australia which was held last year, Sachin scored a terrific century of 154 in one of the test match at SCG, and there was a banner which said - "Commit all your Crimes when Tendulkar is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching." And it proved to be true. On 26th November 2008 when Sachin was playing beautifully, the terrorist were on their way to Mumbai, for those terror attacks. By the time Sachin's innings ended, the Lord saw that the terrorist had already entered Mumbai. But it was all too late. Before the Lord could do anything, the terrorist had already terrorized the whole world, by killing numerous people. And then on 15th December, the Lord was watching Sachin play again, but this time it was dedicated to all those victims and their families who lost their lives in that terror attack.
Most of us,including Sachin himself have already said that is perhaps his best century.

The platform was already by Virender Sehwag on day 4. He scored an awesome and quick 83 of just 66 balls. He won the Man of the Match award deservingly.

India are leading the 2 test match series by 1-0. There's one more match to go, which will be played in Mohali from 19th December.

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