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Pirates of The Caribbean Online review

Hi and welcome to our first ever MMORPG game review of crick-o.blogspot.com

Our first review is

Pirates of the Caribbean online

This game is designed by Disney soft. There are 2 version of the game free version and paid one. The game is good for any age . The first 7 days of free version is full screen but afterwards the game is advertised (banner type 1 in side 1 above) .The game starts in prison with you are trapped with sparrowjack and brake up the prison. The game has very cool graphics and in the game quests you will notice the attraction of stuff is very advance according to other mmorpg. If you are on a slow connection (at least 128KBPS) you can play the game. When you play the game for first 3 weeks you will figure this game a very rocking, simple and cool graphics game but as you start playing more and more you will find this game boring as hell in free version of the game. While the paid version got lots of quest attractive stuff while in free version all you got is what you are wearing.


Graphics-Graphics of the game is a little buggy but still very cool. I will rate the graphics 7 out of 10

Sounds-There is not much music in the game 3 or 4 sounds+ POC original theme. I will rate it 5 out of 10.

Free version-The free version of the game is good for 1 or 2 weeks,yeah,that’s it !! Our rating is 4-10

Paid version-Paid version of the game will make you feel like playing if you like this mmorpg for at least 1 month. Our rating 6-10

Conclusion – If you like POC the movie this game is playable and good for you. I will rate it 2.5 star out of 5

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